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Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
, africa, india, europe the middle east and the united states. >> you're biting into the twinkie industrial complex, a worldwide network. i call it the twinkie nexus. >> in the shock and sadness following the assassinations of george pasco knee and supervisor harvey milk there was the notorious twinkie defense. in truth dan white's lawyer claimed his diet was a symptom of depression, not a cause for murder. the legal phase has never died but as america evolved, so did its nutrition consciousness. >> michelle has told me i cannot have a fried twinkie. >> it's bad that i even said the word twinkie from behind this microphone. >> and then the lethal blow, a 21st century labor dispute. >> they're cutting the people's pay 8%. they're eliminating their pension. >> with that hostess is history. salaries, pensions, 18,000 jobs are gone. the -- for workers it's a loss that cannot be eased with comfort food. for consumers they have to stomach empty shelves in convenience store aisles and the end of a high calorie american love affair. >> i don't think nothing will replace twinkies. >> now reaching it
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
car yesterday. it happened on 101 at the exit the items purchased were for her wedding in india. >> we have no idea why the vehicle swerved. it was petely on the right-hand shoulder. >> officers said that her and her three sisters were not wearing seatbelts. one of the sister's conditions remains critic. >>> this boat started to take on water yesterday afternoon near the berkley pier. everyone, the family, the dog and a snake made it back to shore safely. >>> it will be seen if black friday brought the economy out of the red. shoppers rushed a victoria secret's store in oklahoma. there was violence in other cases like this in tallahasse florida. this these people were arguing over parking and there was a shooting. several wal-mart protesters were arrested for protesting. no one was killed this year but there was violence. two people were wounded after a shooting outside a wal-mart store. it was a above a parking space. >>> and we have a little more about small business saturday. did you know that. it is between black friday and cyber monday. where everyone is encouraged to shop at mom
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2